Saturday, September 30th 2023

Real Estate Investors Plc.

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Our friends at Core London were joined by Paul Bassi, CEO of Real Estate Investors Plc, Nick Batsford quizzes Paul about his business with impressive headlines from its financial results:

  • Pre-tax profits 37%+
  • Recorded underlying profits 20%+
  • Gross property assets 5%+ 
  • Revenues increase 10% 
  • Contracted rental income 9%+ 

Bassi’s opening gambit of ” and rightly so ” when referencing Basford’s remarks of ” this is all good stuff ” really does set the scene as the hard working CEO executes profitable business on his patch. The ecosystem in Birmingham’s real estate market is being fuelled by a little luck and good fortune but one cannot ignore the endeavours of a clearly diligent & dynamic team.