Wednesday, December 6th 2023

John McAfee Talks Crypto

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Doc recently caught up with the controversial Jedi John McAfee, who in recent years has courted the media in a fashion which can only be described as unique. Mr. McAfee has not only become a hugely influential name in the crypto movement, In the earlier years, he foundered McAfee Associates creators of the worlds McAfee antivirus. After a few short years held a significant market share in the cybersecurity space, pegging the notorious McAfee name to the map. McAfee was sold to Intel in a multi-billion dollar deal in February 2011.

John subsequently run for president in 2016, formed a number of additional successful businesses, watched his personal wealth soar to $100m before reportedly hitting the rocks in the 2007 financial crash and fleeing Belize for Guatemala before returning to America. McAfee is a master in his class, whilst many speculate on the man’s life and how he chooses to lead it, we at TMS are thrilled to bring you the latest audio interview which follows a short promotional clip.

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Doc and McAfee discuss a wide range of subjects over a short period of time, additionally, listeners are encouraged to tie in additional interviews and presentations, allowing listeners to paint a fuller picture from the hard-hitting discussion. 

  • You cannot break through Crypto, it has its own life.
  • Check the price of your Crypto annually, ignore the noise.
  • All the money in the world never stopped a war, “Crypto can”.
  • Governments won’t protect you, police just mop up behind you.
  • SEC sting in the London markets, the blockchain could have prevented it.
  • I’m a bullet in a gun being aimed at the existing power structure, I choose my own protection as a result.
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