Thursday, September 28th 2023

Active Energy

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Today Doc caught up with Richard Spinks of Active Energy Group, in the interview Richard talks investors both through 11th June 2018 RNS release regarding the MOU announced with Young Living Farms additional to today’s announcement regarding there Polish joint venture which sees AEG receive it’s Formal Polish Market Certification and Environmental Clearance To Commercialise New Blended “SuperFuel” Product.

Mr. Spinks explains how they intend to address the national “critical” emissions needs of Poland, whilst highlighting the solution Active Energy look to deploy, assisting the country in using 80% reclaimed coal mixed with “super fuel” which burns cleaner meeting regulation required to qualify for green status in both Poland and the EU. 

Active Energy has a multi-faceted business that appears to be moving at great pace, this is reinforced in today’s interview with the CEO clearly sharing the companies roadmap to fully commercialising their operations. If Mr. Spinks is right we at TMS see this as a story to follow further, should operations stall then caveat emptor.

You can watch the presentation from Salt Lake featuring Young Living.