Sunday, October 1st 2023

Nu-Oil & Gas

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Doc Holiday caught up once again with Simon Bygrave Investor relations at Nu-Oil & Gas, Simon had recently traveled to Western Newfoundland to visit the companies garden hill site. In today’s interview, Bygrave discusses both the initial news of a (heads of terms) farm-in agreement with PVF in Canada but also the companies wider intention to broaden its horizons in marginal field development, which constitutes low-risk high reward already proven or known hydrocarbon locations. You can read our recent article by clicking the link here 

  • We are improving our visibility for shareholders
  • Heads of terms with PVF which will see up to $17m investment
  • We are busy at the moment on-site, “it was a great experience”
  • The company makes no secret about its desire to look at other jurisdictions
  •  “Whilst we are committed to successfully producing from Garden Hill, the main focus of our strategy is to deliver from marginal fields with no exploration risk, minimal appraisal risk in stable regimes”

You can hear the interview with Simon Bygrave (IR) below

You can see the recent footage of Mr. Bygrave at the Garden Hill site below 

[wpvideo YGz728SC]

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