Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Versarien’s CEO Neill Ricketts

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Doc caught up with Neill Ricketts of Versarien Plc, the two discuss all the latest developments from the company. We have followed the VRS from the earlier days as shares traded significantly lower, and whilst most in the market have an opinion on Versarian doc fields questions to the CEO querying company fundamentals, sales or indeed proclaiming “Is the business nothing more than a load of old pony”.

  • People expected us to talk about 1 deal in China, we are talking about 24
  • We understand the steps of execution needed to take the company forward
  • We turnover £9m with 100 employees, however, we now focus on big orders
  • Versarien will be defined by the steps taken in building a great company
  • Our Motives are different from most, artificial valuations are not our focus
  • The company has a longterm strategy for building key relationships to build & grow
  • Are you the person to take this to a billion pound business?

You can hear the fascinating exchange by clicking the link below which encloses a wealth of very open debate.

The University Of Manchester – The home of graphene

The author was not remunerated nor holds shares in the company