Saturday, September 30th 2023

Guest Interview Vol. 2

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We caught up with Tom ” The Mad Stork ” to hear his unique view on the investing world, Tom has a successful track record having battled through a number of key economic events to remain on track as a full-time investor/trader.

MadStorkDuring the interview, we will learn more about Tom’s personal endeavours in the market which have helped sculpt a consistent winner.

Through his own admission life has not always been kind nor easy, indeed the mad stork tells of the woes one experiences when backing total frauds or surrendering missed profits.

The interview reveals the rationale of both trading the long and short side of the markets.

We hope to speak with Tom again in the future, we encourage listeners to follow him at his mad stork account on Twitter where you will find a healthy, welcome and open debate of trading idea’s.

In this podcast,  stocks discussed: MRS, JOG, MTR, TERN, CTAG

The author was not remunerated to conduct the interview, which was recorded 8th Aug 2018