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Prospex Oil & Gas

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Doc pitches investor questions to Ed Dawson MD of Prospex Oil & Gas, in the interview, you will hear Ed give his views on the Oil & Gas industry featuring the significance of securing assets, drilling and then bringing them it onto production over a short period of time. Dawson goes on to explain the size and scale of the assets in his portfolio reminding listeners that Italy is fifteen times greater than Romania. The recent success has delivered initial data which supersedes expectations, as Mr Dawson argues €1.5m a year to Prospex as shown in the recent broker note isn’t to be ignored.

Ed then proceeds to discuss the rationale applied by his technical team securing assets which follow a strict risk profile that to date has enabled Pxog to have back to back successes, the companies forward-looking project in Spain presents a mid case of 830Bcf of gas which adds some real meat to the bones. During the interview, Ed expresses some opinion by explaining the stock’s weakness citing the rescheduling of Romania’s production from Q2 to Q3 thus believing the guidance change has spooked the market.

The closing statement from the managing director is particularly relevant as he coins the phrase ”It will happen” after highlighting his team had drilled 3 wells with 2 successes as many of his industry peers failed to get off the start line. Dawson defends the team’s decisions with an air of confidence as Doc fields some uneasy questions.

You can see the mayor of Tarifa, Francisco Ruiz, and Julio Crespo in attendance with the team at the latest meeting in Spain discussing the companies findings. There were some local concerns raised and answered regarding the need to frac, Mr Venturini talks through the conventional methods the company intends to use on the project.

Carlos Venturini exploration manager Prospex Oil & Gas 


Mayor of Tarifa, Francisco Ruiz with Julio Crespo


You can also watch Carlos Venturini at the latest presentation in Spain below

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