Thursday, September 28th 2023

Guest Interview Vol. 1

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Doc caught up with SmudgeDan to discuss the markets, following his move to trading full-timeWhen you do something you love, you never really go to work again

Dan walks us through SMudgethe step by step process he applies when conducting his due diligence. Dan expresses an opinion on a trio of stocks, he reinforces the need to exercise patience whilst identifying a fundamental argument, one in which leads private investors to draw a conclusion they are completely happy with. 

Both Doc & Dan kick the can around on market manipulation and corporate skullduggery which both believe to be part of the staple diet of investors in the junior markets.

  • Dan has a brave outlook on BraveHeart Investment Groups 
  • After 2yrs of holding a substantial position, is it now time to buy MRS?
  • What can people expect from the poorly received Flying Brands placing!
We intend to deliver a number of successful traders via “guest interviews”