Versarien “CEO Interview”

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Doc caught up with Neill Ricketts CEO of Versarian Plc to discuss the companies latest funding announcement in which VRS raised £5.2m at £1.45, the news has been well received as the shares trade higher at circa £1.80.

The interview was conducted at a hotel in Manchester with no real prior arrangement, questions were fielded over social media and answered in full, typically Doc presents a few more direct questions regarding the current state of play.

  • The CEO answers questions around the acquisition indicated
  • Use of all the headroom to satisfy as much demand as possible
  • The company accommodated the demand of hundreds of genuine shareholders 
  • Ricketts talks about internal and international expansion ideas ahead
  • You can hear thoughts of the pace and depth of the company to date 
  • The CEO explains more about the overall strategy of the company 

You can hear the full interview with CEO Neill Ricketts by clicking below

Neill Ricketts, Chief Executive Officer of Versarien, commented:

“We are very encouraged by the tremendous demand generated on the PrimaryBid platform in such a short period.  PrimaryBid’s innovative platform allowed us to seamlessly access retail investors at the same time and terms as institutional investors.  Retail investors remain an important constituent to us and we are pleased to have allowed them access to this fundraise

You can see more on the company from a presentation earlier in the year 

The author was not remunerated nor hold shares in the company