Wednesday, December 6th 2023

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Australian Entrepreneur David Lenigas

We caught up with David Lenigas to discuss the recent news surfacing from the Weald basin. The conversation covers a wide range of subjects predominantly the potential of the positives which shareholders can take from the latest news from Angus Energy, Doc presses Dave to share some thoughts on the U.K’s market making system coupled with his opinion on the extensive levels of volatility in all UK Oil & Gas (HHDL) associated stocks.


David gives his personal view on the news from Balcombe for Angus Energy proclaiming how this underpins the asset but more so further validates a 10-mile extension to the Weald. You can hear big Dave review the horse hill (extended) flow tests along with additional comments on the Portland and Kimmeridge zones which have flowed to surface under ” a lot of pressure, collectively presenting pervasive oil across a 20-mile North to South strike “ Lenigas himself revisits the 100 billion barrel statement which has been the source of much controversy, declaring under new 2014-15 technology it will be interesting to see the kind of numbers which can be recovered, particularly in the Kimmeridge and limestones.

” To do a proper assessment you have to do it the slow and methodical way “

Quote: David Lenigas when discussing the future building of a resource suitable to attract a major partner with Steve Sanderson being the right man to do that. 

The interview visits a number of topics including Doriemus, UK Oil & Gas, Angus Energy, The Weald Basin, Horse Hill and views on the UK Governments critical need.

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