Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Brian McMaster – Jangada Mines

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Audio interview with executive Chairman Brian McMaster of Jangada mines

In a frank exchange, Doc holds McMaster to account for his previous comments regarding the funding of the company which Brian shares his thoughts with some explanation. As the extended interview continues the two discuss in more depth the current market conditions whilst refocusing the outlook of the business to news flow and catalysts which by virtue becomes oxygen for shareholders in the junior markets.

  • The company has moved along the value curve
  • McMaster answers, giving fair explanation re Funding 
  • Funding has presented challenges but is not mean reflective of progress
  • I’m not making excuses or avoiding accountability, ” Reality is Reality “
  • If people remain focused on the positives there’s a lot of news flow 
  • The major spent substantial cash on it which was forensically documented
  • Jangada benchmark is more than met by the asset, for us ” We have done similar deals which have subsequently been sold at half a billion bucks 2months ago “
  • We are now on a pathway that leads to a substantial BFS if the PEA is anything to go by
  • We peddle hard and are highly motivated to make it work!
You can hear the interview, discussing the recent news in addition to funding

You can watch the most recent TMS interview with Henrich Muller COO below

[wpvideo SkhXvOIh]