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Will cannabis shares follow a continued down trajectory similar to bitcoin?

Our very own Doc Holiday caught up again with ex-stockbroker Shaun Attwood, given his professional career and criminal track record as one of Arizona’s biggest ecstasy distributers wanted by Gambino underboss ” Sammy the bull ” and protected by the Mexican mafia how we couldn’t resist the opportunity of Shuan joining us.

sharing his rationale and opinion both behind the total collapse of cryptocurrencies coupled to the impending bounce of cannabis stocks. Throughout this interview, you will hear the duo sharing useful tips, hints and educational explanation of market mechanics.

After an incredible call short on the cannabis sector Shaun now offers some early speculative calls whilst cautioning a ” Roll of the dow ” could signal further significant falls of the wider markets. Doc summarizes trading hard to predict material market events as opportunity potential knocks again in the cannabis sector.

You can catch more from Shaun by following the link, by clicking here.

You can see more from Doc here at TMS but also by clicking the link here.

The author was not remunerated nor has any commercial agreement with Mr. Attwood