Thursday, September 28th 2023

Interview With Andrew Monk

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By Doc Holiday


Andrew Monk of VSA Capital Talks To Us About Life In The City

Recently we caught up with Andrew Monk CEO of VSA capital, interviewing heads of city broking firms is not the norm for us here at TMS, however, Monk has a long history of calling out poor opportunities or companies often packaged up as ” Go to investments ” when in fact there is often an untold underbelly of forgotten facts. Having witnessed first hand the outspoken yet well-versed city slicker in all his glory it seemed just to good an opportunity not to welcome Andrew onto the podcast (Hosted by Total Market Solutions)

We welcome Mr. Monk to the podcast in the hope he will return with some further comprehension to the inner workings of the financial markets sharing his experience, opinion, and insight.

For the avoidance of doubt Doc had long lobbied for this interview which may explain Andrews comments at the end with regard to viewer enjoyment.

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in the City, working at Hoare Govett ABN AMRO for 11 years, before founding Oriel Securities (with the backing of the Vitol Group) and then becoming CEO of Blue Oar Plc. During this time, he has built up strong relationships with many major institutional investors in London and Asia. Andrew acquired VSA Capital in 2010 and has repositioned VSA as a leading investment bank for growth companies, alongside having a unique focus on taking western companies to China.

The author was not remunerated to conduct this interview