Saturday, September 30th 2023

Malcy Talks Oil & Gas VI

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As Malcy Looks Down The Barrel Of The Oil Market, What’s Next?

We have once again caught up with independent oil analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood to hear his up to date thoughts on the oil sector, after an aggressive pullback where does this leave companies in the market? Wood has been pretty acute with his analysis to date and never fails to deliver further well-established commentary of the oil markets.

Will we see a repeat of 3yrs ago or do we see a correction that provides opportunities for both oil traders and equity traders alike, in addition, we discuss a number of material events that have happened over the last month or so pending further updates on popular stocks.



Malcolm Graham-Wood has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector working in a variety of capacities, these days Malcy floats around the markets as the oracle of oil stocks, jet-setting to foreign lands reporting on prospective investment opportunities.

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Malcy Graham-Wood speaks at London South East’s Oil & Gas Investor Evening