Thursday, September 28th 2023

Vast Resources

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After Almost A Year In The Job, “what’s changed in the company?

At the request of Vast Resources shareholders, Doc spoke to Andrew Prelea, the chief executive officer to the company, the exchange came as a direct result of comments shared in social media between Doc and Vast shareholders. We believe the interview shows incredible insight and passion for the project’s but also a unique line of questioning which unlocks a natural charismatic flow between both men.

  • Prelea has been successfully involved with businesses in Romania
  • Debt has been introduced to VAST, implementing better financial responsibilities
  • Acknowledgment of past mistakes, with a strong focus to aligning with shareholders
  • Board’s evolved into a younger, leaner, savvier, hungry & commercially creative team
  • Acute statement from the CEO on how the future time horizon could transform the company, generating free cash, institutional support and a successful business. 

You can hear the full interview by clicking the play bar below.

14/11/2018- Andrew Prelea, CEO of Vast Resouces, tells Andrew Scott they’ve agreed to principal terms of a joint venture with Red Mercury Ltd 
The author was not remunerated nor do they hold shares in the company