Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Versarien Plc – IGTV

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Our friends at IGTV recently interviewed Versarien Plc CEO

Versarien head honcho and major shareholder Neill Ricketts open’s the interview by showcasing the commercial opportunity in the Aim-listed graphene business. During the face to face with IG TV Jeremy Naylor, the CEO peruses the companies mission statement before highlighting the recent MOU signed with their Chinese partner.

Ricketts doesn’t pull any punches as he explained the companies model, patents, and scope in which Versarien offers potential, as shares trade strongly in the market. The CEO breaks down the number of associated partners which helps shorten the development curve, as the companies most senior director quickly reminds the audience, ” it’s exciting times in the graphene space ” VRS is not alone in this arena with  partners complimenting the business, yet there are other less successful operations down the value chain.

You can hear the latest audio interview via @TMSreach by clicking here

You can see the full interview with Jeremy Naylor of IGTV below 

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