Guest Interview Vol.4

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Due to a high number of request and by popular demand Doc Holiday Caught up with TopInfo from Twitter to learn more about the former notorious bulletin board poster from TopInfo.jpgADVFN.

Tops is a well-known commentator in the small cap markets often referring to his picks as ” Tops Baggers “. During the interview, the notorious trader touches on his strategy in the markets which at times results in him trading stocks around news catalysts which sadly cross over with equity issues, yet Tops sends a clear explanation and rationale.

Whilst excitable in his tweeting, yet, open about momentum opportunities Tops argues he deploys a disciplined strategy that works both for him and other quick-fingered punters in the markets. The interview nor interviewer are endorsing all of TopInfo’s calls however it is clear his trading blueprint works for him.

The author was not remunerated to conduct the interview


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