Wednesday, December 6th 2023

CEO Interview – Matt Lofgran

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We caught up with Matt Lofgran CEO at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas

During the interview, we hear more about the latest news update from the company in addition to the salient points investors should take away with them, Lofgran argues that whilst the current market is turbulent, there presents the opportunity! ” The company is in great shape ”

Nostra Terra has recently completed volumetric analysis which further demonstrates the value of the wholly owned Mesquite asset. As part of the FDP Trey resources inc. continue into the next phase of work which will start to outline the economics of the development, The CEO was keen to remind investors Nostra had hedged a proportion of its existing production, in order to insulate against wider market conditions whilst leaving sufficient upside risk on the table.

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas are arguably in better shape now than ever before, commented Matt Lofgran! ” We’ll continue to do what we do best and grow a company, the rest will fall into place ”

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The author was not remunerated nor holds shares in the company