Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Coro Energy – CFO Interview

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Podcast Interview With Andy Dennan Of Coro Energy

Doc caught up with Andy Dennan CFO of Coro Energy to better understand the companies most recently announced news, in addition to the Petronas joint technical study RNS’d back in December 2018 here. You can read more from us here at TMS in relation to the Duyung PSC we published here last week.

James Menzies, Coro CEO commented on the Petronas transaction:

“We would like to thank Petronas for giving Coro the opportunity to work on this exciting acreage. This is a fantastic opportunity for Coro to use its technical skills in firming up these very large structural leads to drillable prospects using the very high-quality data now at our disposal.”


In less than a year, the company has managed to clean up its Italian production portfolio, helping to generate a revenue stream helping to cover G&A, with no further development budget allocated as the company firmly sets there sights on South East Asia. CEO James Menzies has a comprehensive history of successfully conducting business as Coro’s team goes from strength to strength working up an exciting portfolio of known Asian assets.

The market has shown a muted response to recent news on deal flow, no dilutive funding and its senior management team buying shares in the company, we asked the companies CFO to run the rule over the company since Doc last spoke to them 6 months ago. We hope you enjoy the interview and encourage investors to focus on the salient points regarding funding in which Dennan clearly outlines the companies disinterest at issuing equity in Coro Energy at current levels, more importantly, in addition to the detailed and arguably complex RNS’s released over the last week we ask Andy to translate this for layman investors.

You can hear the Coro Energy interview with Andy Dennan CFO below

CEO James Menzies discusses the deal with Malcolm Graham-Wood here

The author was not remunerated but holds shares in the company