Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Nostra Terra – Audio Interview

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Today we caught up with Matt Lofgran CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas, during the interview Lofgran explains the companies USP (Unique Selling Point) overlooked by the market. The company has not raised cash for nearly 2 years nor does the company intend to do so currently, Nostra today reported the “Twin Well” has achieved full payback of drilling costs within 1 year presenting future profitable returns.

Matt Lofgran, Chief Executive Officer of Nostra Terra, commented:

“We’re very happy to see the Twin Well reach payback so quickly. Our focus has been to build a solid foundation of assets where existing wells generate cash flow, and where new wells can be drilled with strong returns, in a lower oil price environment. The performance here is a strong endorsement for our investment in the area.

With Pine Mills, the existing Permian Basin assets, and now the Mesquite Asset, which has such large potential, we have a strong portfolio and foundation from which we plan to continue growing.”

You can hear the audio interview with Matt Lofgran by clicking the play bar 

Our very own Bonnie Hughes recently interviewed Nostra Terra CEO here

[wpvideo JeOVi9cR]

The author was not remunerated but holds shares in the company