Saturday, September 30th 2023

Emmerson Plc – The Midas Touch!

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Emmerson Plc, announced news today regarding the potential for further CapEx savings at the port, which enhances the outstanding Khemisset potash project. In addition to media coverage over the weekend in the MIDAS column, Joanna Hart for the mail on Sunday wrote.” The shares are just 3.1p but should increase significantly as chief executive Hayden Locke moves the company into production Potash is known as a bulk commodity, which means it is heavy, takes up a lot of room and is costly to transport, That presents huge challenges for companies miles from the nearest port but it provides Emmerson with a significant competitive advantage” (click here to read the full article)

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·   Potential capex saving of US$7.5m compared to the Scoping Study by utilising existing storage and loading facilities in Port of Casablanca as opposed to the Port of Mohammedia as envisaged in the Scoping Study

·   Indicative mine-to-port logistics cost quotes from Moroccan National Rail Company show no change in operating cost from the Scoping Study, despite a slight increase in transport distances given the potential use of rail rather than trucks for the majority of the journey

·   Access to a significantly larger port with a greater draft capacity, allowing a wider range of vessel sizes to be loaded, potentially reducing overall bulk shipping costs to target markets, including Brazil

·   Ongoing discussions with numerous Moroccan entities, including the Port Authorities, present opportunities for further improving Project economics ahead of upcoming Feasibility Studies

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Hayden recently spoke to our old friend Zak Mir about the most recent corporate update
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