Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Zenith Energy

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CEO Interview With Zenith Energy’s Andrea Cattaneo

The primary focus of the Company is the development of large onshore oil & gas fields in countries that offer strong asset protection and a business atmosphere conducive to stable and profitable production activities. Whilst the company through its own admission has endured something of a typical industry delay things, are now very much back on track presenting opportunity in the share price weakness commented chief executive Mr Cattaneo.

Zenith operates the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan through its fully owned subsidiary, Zenith Aran Oil Company Limited. The Company’s Italian subsidiary operates or has working interests in, a number of concessions producing electricity, condensate and natural gas.

Whilst a number of strategic and financial adjustments have been completed by Zenith, the companies frontman is extremely confident that operations now present an interesting yet exciting time for potential investors to take a look, assuming results complement the new strategy.

During the interview, you will hear Mr Cattaneo discuss the companies updated strategy whilst Bonnie looks under the “financial” hood, shareholders often rightly question the board’s commitment as Cattaneo reminds us of his deferred salary into shares for two years running delivering low operating costs.

The author does not hold shares but was remunerated for this production