Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Interview With Adamas Finance Asia

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The investment manager of the Company has the flexibility to invest across Asia, across sectors and across the capital structure of companies.  Furthermore, given the long-term nature of the Company’s investment horizon, a more flexible Investing Policy should enable the Manager to navigate changes in the relative attractiveness of various financing asset classes in Asia through economic cycles  and, potentially, geopolitical shifts which may increase the sovereign risk associated with specific countries relative to others within the region.

Hidden opportunities exist with Asian middle-market companies primarily due to the ongoing disintermediation of companies from sources of capital – most global investment platforms do not address the middle market space on a regional basis.

Contrary to popular belief, markets aren’t necessarily the most efficient arbiters of value. Even our blue-chips have the potential to surprise – usually on the downside.

You can tune in and watch Suresh Withana chat to Bonnie Hughes for TMS

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