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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Andrea Cattaneo speaks to Sara Lowther of TMS to discuss further the companies latest announcements including the EUR 25 million EMTN’s and the proposed acquisition of Norwegian Oil & Gas company Nordic as Zenith Energy will issue up to 9,050,452 common shares of no par value under the Proposed Terms. As a result of the announced transaction, the volume of shares traded in Norway exploded to 28m shares traded in a single session, Cattaneo takes great comfort from the support being shown in conjunction with this deal.

During the podcast, Sarah Lowther levels a series of questions at Zenith Energy in relation to the acquisition which results in Andrea explaining that the Nordic vehicle will act as a subsidiary of sorts to Zenith who intends to fully exploit its opportunities in Azerbaijan whilst maintaining its modest gas production in Italy in addition to the positive reach into the energy community in Norway which is acknowledged by the financial support shown to Zenith around this news.

The company also shares some thoughts in the latest bond issues including the exploration developments in Azerbaijan where Cattaneo proclaims that the C30 operations are progressing as expected revealing that a full technical team is advancing them in line with previous market guidance with a news update soon.

We hope you enjoyed the latest hard-hitting interview by TMS here:

We invited Andrea Cattaneo of Zenith Energy into the studio 9/9/19

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