Saturday, September 30th 2023

David Bramhill On Union Jack Oil

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Union Jack Oil – Podcast Interview With David Bramhill

David Bramhill talks about the 3 Years of perseverance with East Lincolnshire county council, As the planning consent has been given with full approval allowing the company to get underway at Wressle. Bramhill talks about Union Jack’s scope and flexibility as they have approx £7m in the bank, well capitalised, as production could potentially come online June/July with running room toward the end of summer. The wider business has a number of key assets including West Newton where the company hopes to complete an extended well test (EWT) to prove Oil, in addition to the already known Gas discovery. As the chairman echoed his abundance of cash, he also explains that the only real (future) motivation to raise cash now would come from something very significant, in essence, they are fully funded for the current work programme.

David Bramhill Executive Chairman Talks To Sarah Lowther Here.

PR Cassiopeia Talks To Zac Phillips On Behalf Of Union Jack Oil

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company