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You can hear the latest interview with Adamas finance Asia’s Suresh Withana, in addition to the latest equity development interview, throughout this article you will find extracts from the most recent news and note sharing some insight into the latest progress from the company. Withana invites Sarah to discuss the companies latest update from the news announced on the 3rd March 2020 here.


Although still at a relatively early stage commercially, Adamas’s strategy for FMH is rolling out broadly as anticipated. The next phases will be confirmation of (a) production
scalability and (b) firm, large volume orders that provide revenue visibility at prices
that underpin the financial model. Further updates should continue to narrow the
disparity between Adamas’s £36m market cap and our proforma NAV calculation of £76m.

You can find the latest equity development note with MD Suresh Withana here

John Croft commented:

On 23 December 2019, the Company announced the execution of a share buyback from a seller pursuant to which the Company purchased 2,400,000 existing Ordinary Shares of no par value in the capital of the Company at a price of GBP 0.161 (USD 0.21) per share. The Company understands that the selling pressure from this shareholder was driven by non-market considerations and that this purchase comprised the entire holdings of this shareholder.

You can hear the latest podcast interview with Sarah Lowther and Suresh here

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