Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Regency Mines

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CEO Interview & Investor Presentation

We recently caught up with Regency Mines to review the latest news updates including a further material Nickle deal (Wo Wo Gap) complimenting the existing Manbare asset in Papa New Guinea. In light of the recent funding secured on weaker terms than previously placed, Kaintz runs the rule over the current effects of COVID-19 on the company.

” The company had two choices, to continue doing deals, taking advantage of the depressed markets or to sit it out “

During the exchange, Scott acknowledges the funding round coming in on the light side but references the heavy-hitting capacity born out of completing the latest deal at Wo Wo Gap which internally values its Nickle assets near term at £15m.

In addition, we get the latest on developments at the FGS (flexible grid solutions) in Southport, where the company is developing its peaker plant with battery storage which is intended to ease pressure on power grids. The process is a simple one where they store energy and sell it into the grid’s high demand period.

You can hear the latest podcast interview with Scott Kaintz CEO of Regency Mines

You can read the latest Regency presentation here.


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The author was not remunerated but does hold shares in the company