Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Panther Metals PLC

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Is it under promise and over deliver for Panther Metals


“…Panther’s on the path to discovery as the drilling campaign kicks off in Obonga…”


Panther Metals is focused on opportunity.  It’s Darren Hazelwood’s most often used expression, and the chief executive is unapologetic about the amount of times he has uttered that word because it’s the placeholder waiting to be replaced with the headline expression that is ‘discovery.’

He has a macro-economic view about what his team is exploring for talking about the resource hungry technological paradigm we’re entering that is electric vehicle coupled with the spectre of inflation that current US president Joe Biden is careful to deflect.

Panther is focused on mineral exploration in Canada and Australia, two areas where prospecting has returned with a passion not seen since the 1900’s.  Hazelwood recognises we’re in the midst of another mining boom, but he is totally confident that his team can unearth what the majors missed as recently as a decade ago.

Hazelwood hasn’t dismissed involvement of the majors in his projects, but it’s as buyers. He says that what was presented in the company prospectus at IPO hasn’t altered. “We want to build a proper exploration company that has the platform to do true exploration to make discoveries that would be commercially interesting for major companies with the potential of buying them out.”

So the next few weeks are crucial with respect to the Obonga project in Ontario where the company has started diamond drilling on the Wishbone volcanogenic massive sulphide prospect.

Hazelwood is like an excited puppy. “Over on Obanga we’ve got some huge amounts of very high copper showings in the lake sediments. We’re talking in the double figures in the 700, 800 grammes a tonne numbers and other indicators of prospectivity.”

The window for the work programme is short as November and the bitter cold are fast approaching, but he remains confident that “we will definitely see something by Christmas and I would be very very hopeful that it would be considerably earlier than that.”

Listen to Darren talk to Sarah Lowther about his amazingly supportive investor base, the concurrent activity going on in Australia and why the returns are all in the drilling.


Watch Darren talk to Proactive London’s Katie Pilbeam after Panther acquired the 1,128 claims, constituting an almost exclusive exploration holding over the Obonga greenstone belt.

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