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Guest Interview Vol.13 – Doc Holiday (Part 1)

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The Doc is back in Town.


“…Sadly the markets have become extremely illiquid and there’s quite an immense amount of uncertainty and some of the things that we would anticipate with that uncertainty hasn’t played out yet. So does that leave us with opportunities moving forward. I think it probably does…”


New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of Financial Markets? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey.

The famous last words of American gunfighter, gambler and dentist Doc Holliday allegedly were: “This is funny.” And in April 2021, his modern day Twitter doppelgänger @DDS_DocHoliday told investors that at the end of the year there was going to be carnage on the markets.  He wasn’t wrong.

The podcast he had with us was supposed to be his last after 15 years of trading, but we’ve persuaded him to come back and talk to us about how the market, in its current condition, can still present opportunities.  There is light and shade in Doc’s intelligence. The Doc is back in Town. For good? We will have to wait and see…

“We’ve got the highly speculative side of things that presents a huge amount of risk, but when the market corrects you’re going to see these massive leaps in valuations which requires a bit of a leap of faith.”

How much faith do investors need? In this first of two podcasts Doc talks to Sarah Lowther about some standout opportunities while chastising a few companies for their incommunicado and commending others for their achievements.

We recommend listening to this interview in full as some of the Doc’s linguistic nuances belie some not mentioned directly trading treasures and dislikes in equal measure.  For the time pressured, we’ve provided timecode and summaries to make your listening pleasure – just that.

Companies covered by Doc include :



01:37 : Panther Metals #PALM. Panther will go on and do well whether that be in Canada or Australia. People like Darren present opportunity and they’re worth backing. I’m sure there’s lots of deal flow and opportunity and I think there’s a really strong board there.  I’m confident at some point Darren and the team will start to see some value recognition.

04:19 : Power Metal Resources #POW. The amount of opportunity they’ve got on their books is incredible and it’s going to be impossible for them to deliver on all of them, but you only need one of two of these to come in big and the rest will fall into an abyss because they’ll become unimportant.  I’m sure Power Metals are going to make some progress. If anyone can see the yo-yo come back up and spin again – it’s Paul.

06:32 : Landore Resources #LND. They’ve been beaten with the stock of popularity. They should be trading at a premium to where they are today.  Landore is well and truly pegged on the map so should the market spin round in its favour, should Bill start to deliver more significant news.  I’ve no reason to believe that Landore can’t go on and recover nicely from where we are today.

09:14 : Harvest Minerals #HMI.  we’re starting to see green shoots there again (pardon the pun given its industry .  of these guys can get that production going over a very very long lifespan of at least 100 years and they can strat to generate a profit then that’s the stepping stone into things that should work out better for investors and existing shareholders .  I think harvest at 4p looks interesting

10:56 : BlueRock diamonds #BRD.  Doc says that when synthetic diamonds became fashionable, they did little to undermine the stock of the real diamond producers with diamond prices recovering “quite handsomely.”

11:14 : Petra Diamonds #PDL . They’ve recapitalised and refinanced the business.  If you look at the rate in which it’s paying down its debt, by the end of the second quarter of next year on an annualised basis then they should be a debt free company generating a huge amount of cash. So then you’re going to see big expansion or dividends introduced, or both and then you won’t see them at the current price.

12:37 : Contango Holdings #CGO: Doc compares Contango to peer Ben’s Creek #BEN and talks about how their coking coal assets are imperative for future growth and hence the acceleration in coking coal prices. He argues the 5p IPO doesn’t even price in the advances that that business have been able to make or the gold asset in Mali.  “The rump of my holding is long for a bigger story, and I think there’s a bigger move there.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at double or treble where we are today.”

17:04 : Capital Metals #CMET. Doc says the company has “a great opportunity in Sri Lanka.”  He ticks off CEO Michael Frayne for poor comms, but describes his as a decent guy with a lot to offer who has never really disappointed Doc . “He’s got a great opportunity to come forward and keep educating the market about the product.  Even if you don’t get the value recognition today it will come down the line.

20:13 : Kanabo #KNB.  Doc mentions Kanabo cornerstone shareholder Stephen Pearce who has maintained a stockholding.  Doc says Pearce remains confident about Kanabo because after all “Smart investors who are lucky they don’t become stupid overnight.”

21:00 : Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies #OCTP. It’s blown the knees out of anyone who’s participated in the IPO, but after directorate changes and the distressed selling out of the US ceasing the share price has started to rally.  And according to Ben Harrington at BetaVille, the jungle drums are beating about a takeover

22:45 : Love Hemp #LIFE.  Doc talks about the opportunity that is the Aquis Exchange saying the people behind Aquis have got a lot more depth and scope, ambition and drive to take that platform forward.  He notes retail investor platforms  IG and AJ Bell will be giving investors easier access to Aquis at a time eligibility for company entry on the main list has become stricter.


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