Sunday, October 1st 2023

Net Zero Infrastructure PLC

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Time to zero in on Net Zero Infrastructure ?


“…We’ll have something done within the first year of IPO…”


Two years ago Goldman Sachs projected that renewable generation represented a $16 trillion investment opportunity in terms of clean energy generation, infrastructure upgrades, carbon capture, research and development.

That meagre projection was for an opportunity defined up till 2030.  It predated COP26 and the current Ukraine-Russia tensions that are rattling energy markets and it was a calculation that didn’t factor in the fuel poverty being experienced in the UK now.

Fund managers of the Association of Investment Companies are tipping that renewable energy will be the best performing sector in 2022, and that’s one of the reasons why before September 2022, Net Zero Infrastructure hopes it will have made its proof-of-concept, proof-of-listing investment.

Chairman Mike Elwood is confident his wish to make the first post-listing deal within 12 month’s of IPO will be done.

“I’m looking forward to finding that target that we believe is the right fit for NZI. I’m looking forward to NZI being a real company with a real business and a good purpose behind it.”

He says that the company was established to connect power sources around the grid by making investments into, for example, the entrepreneurial smaller companies with green energy tech capability.

The intelligence about the right fit investee enterprises is coming from within.  Elwood credits his shareholders and their own networks as being the conduits who are introducing the ideas and businesses that are ripe for investment at the right stage of development.

One shareholder in particular has confidence. Rupert Labrum has built up a 29% interest in NZI and is  responsible for the multiple ‘Holding(s) in Company’ RNS’s that are dominating NZI’s official news feed.  Labrum is also the film producer behind the critically acclaimed ‘Let Me Go’ starring Juliet Stevenson, and he’s all about authenticity and true story narratives.

Elwood is aware, and as he explains to Sarah Lowther in this podcast: “Getting the right type of investment is critical to making sure we get the story right for the shareholders.”


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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company