Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Panther Metals PLC

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Extensive Gold endowment for Panther Metals


“…The whole of the Dotted Lake project area is now in play…”


Panther Metals’ Dotted Lake project is located about 20km from Barrick Gold’s Hemlo gold mine.  This is the mine which has produced more than 21 million ounces of gold and been operating continuously for more than 30 years.

The results from Panther’s drilling operation at Dotted Lake have been released and do they indicate another Hemlo in the making?

Chief executive Darren Hazelwood isn’t allowed to speculate but he certainly hopes so because “The gold endowment within this system is extensive.”

“Everything that we see at Dotted in terms of the system, in terms of our soil work programmes, in terms of what we see at the drill rig and in the core samples, the structure, the wider area. Everything’s there.”

He says the company is ‘flying’ at the Ontario prospect which has a blend of orogenic and Batholith characteristics ensuring “The whole of the Dotted Lake project area is now in play.”

An orogenic gold deposit is a type of hydrothermal mineral deposit whereas batholith is a very large igneous intrusion extending to an unknown depth in the earth’s crust.

Hazelwood isn’t a geologist by profession but from the diamond drilling results he’s extrapolated that “If you have the structure you have the chance.”

He’s delighted with progress that’s being made by Panther on multiple fronts at multiple projects including the Wishbone prospect at the Obonga Project in Canada.

“We’ve deployed all our capital successfully. We can show clear pathways at Wishbone. We targeted a VMS. We’ve discovered it.  At Dotted Lake we wanted to have a look at the stratigraphy. We’ve done that and we know we have extensive gold endowment through the system.  In Australia our capital invested there has produced a return that exceeds the total amount of cash that we’ve ever raised as a business.”

Listen to Darren explain to Sarah Lowther why the gold mineralization is so extensive across Panther’s acreage in Ontario, the company’s cash burn model and whether quality or quantity is the priority?


Watch Darren and prospector Liane Boyer outline the multi-project Canada opportunity…



…and speak to Proactive London’s Katie Pilbeam at the start of the drilling campaign at Dotted Lake.



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