Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Master Investor Show-Tim Corcoran

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Created to help you make the most from your portfolio – the Master Investor Show is back


After a Covid-induced absence of two years, the Master Investor show is back, and its 21st anniversary is a coming of age as it returns to the stage.

To be more precise it’s not just one, but three stages utilising the light, airy space that is Islington’s Business Design Centre that can accommodate thousands while adhering to government coronavirus guidelines.

Master Investor chief executive Tim Corcoran is obviously delighted he’s secured the location not just this year, but next year as well underlining his confidence the event is going to be a success following the founder’s ethos of helping investors make the “most from their portfolio.”

The founder is Master Investor chairman Jim Mellon who not only introduces new trading ideas to investors, but is an active participant.  As a director of Agronomics, he is an advocate of cellular agriculture and cultivated meat and also speaks animatedly about longer, healthier life initiatives.

He’ll be at the event, as will a cornucopia of SME companies, investment trusts, fund managers, celebrities of the investment world and those who continue to make their portfolio the best it can possibly be.

Listen to Tim give a brief summary of what to expect, the format of the show and the discount code that will give you free access to the event.


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