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A big portfolio with very strategic projects for Power Metals


“…We should see a certain ramp up in the junior resource space with the major metal run happening now…”


Investors who whinge they can’t get their heads round Power Metals Resources’ extensive portfolio have been granted an idiot’s guide infographic that shows the corporate family tree of opportunity.

Admittedly you might need to enlarge your screen or put on your specs, or a monocle if that’s more your thing to get a storyboard-at-a-glance experience.

Power’s messaging has become notably crisper and cleaner.  That may be due to the hire of IR dynamo Mita Morris, or the think time Power has had over the past two years when Chief Executive Paul Johnson was affectionately dubbed by his children as  “the international businessman who didn’t travel.”

But as he explains to TMS in this podcast with Sarah Lowther, the two years of Covid hasn’t forced or encouraged the company to amend its business model as that has remained a constant. The model is to acquire opportunities, conduct internal initial exploration which either leads to more internal exploration or a joint venture with a partner; or dispose/vend out to IPO vehicle or secure a major earn-in partner.  Again if that’s information overload, there’s a cute concise infographic to help the time poor or stubbornly ‘confused.’

Listen to Paul talk to Sarah about the conversation surrounding dividends, how ESG isn’t a cost to the business, but value-add, and POW’s share price performance within the context of soaring commodity prices.


Watch Power Metal’s promotional video that reveals the company’s wit, guile, streamlined alternative approach to business and rock hard stomach muscles.

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POW set to reap IPO harvest in 2022 research note by First Equity


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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company