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Panther Metals PLC

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Stunning results for Panther Metals


“…The results are one of the top six intercepts released by an ASX company this year,  but as of the market reaction to the news – absolutely nuts…”


When Panther Metals Limited does well, so too does Panther Metals PLC.

It’s not coincidental they share the same name.  The UK-listed entity had put together a portfolio of ‘highly prospective Australian exploration projects,’ and curated them in its Australian subsidiary.

That subsidiary listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2021 gaining both the moniker ‘Panther Australia’ and the necessary capital to drive the exploration projects forward.

There are many constants.  PLC chairman Kerim Sener became non-executive chairman of the Limited company, and while Panther Metals PLC relinquished managerial control, it retained a 36.6% stake in the business.  The recent ASX investor statement revealed how shrewd that size of stake holding is.

Darren Hazelwood, chief executive officer of the PLC described the recent drilling at the Burtville East Project and its ‘very high grade gold drill intercepts’ as a ‘stunning success.’ The results are one of the top six intercepts released by an ASX company this year,  but as of the market reaction to the news – that’s driving Hazelwood “absolutely nuts.”

He describes what is being discovered by Panther Australia as a world class deposit, but one flying below the investment radar in the U.K.. “In any ordinary market, they would be considerably higher than where they are at the moment. It’s a crying shame they’re not, but that value will come.  It always does in the markets.  The markets do catch up.”

He says with his trademark optimism and good humour.  While the U.K. market may not be reacting to the potential of Panther Metals’ Australian and Canadian portfolio, what about everyone else?

Hazelwood says “Do not underestimate how much the Canadian market is looking at Obonga and what we’re doing there.”

And what about the miners, the ones that typically take over what the explorers have found? “If you haven’t been contacted by major players within the sector,” says Hazelwood, “then you’re probably looking in the wrong areas. And we know that we’re looking in the right areas.”

Listen to Darren talk to Sarah Lowther about what’s happening next in Australia and why he’s sure “lots of money” is going to be made  “soon.”

Watch Darren talk to InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky about how Panther is unlocking the potential of its prospects


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