Guest Interview Vol.15 – Prof. Suzi Huff Theodoro

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A Global audience in Glasgow and beyond for Harvest Minerals


“…The Harvest product is the best, probably because they have a periodic table in their mineralogy…”


For the second time in a year, Glasgow is host to another international forum dedicated to saving the planet.  November 2021’s COP26 climate change conference re-engaged politicians with the green agenda and net zero targets.   The theme of that United Nations event was very much about the air above, the ozone, the increase in temperature.

Fast forward to August 2022 and the 22nd World Congress of Soil Science brings the scientists together to talk terra firma and the crisis of aridity, nutrient depletion and the dust bowl that dry Blighty is presenting with its lack of rain, hose pipe bans and abnormal, soon to be the norm temperatures.

In addition to high energy prices, cross-industry inflation, Ukraine-invasion grain deficits, the U.K. it seems is joining the third world as it teeters on a possible food poverty crisis – at least of the home grown variety.

So soil, its nutrients and fertilizer have become political.   There are the soluble synthetic fertilizers that need something that is becoming increasingly scarce – water.  And there are the less expensive remineralizers of the crushed rock variety that can supplement, re-energise and revitalize soil that has become tired and depleted over time.

With its status of bread basket of the world, Brazil has long pioneered the concept of natural replenishment and this formed part of Prof Suzi Huff Theodoro’s PhD thesis some twenty years ago.

A Professor of Soil Geology at Pesquisadora Universidade de Brasília, she was a speaker at the congress in Glasgow and is an advocate of Harvest Minerals’ remineralizer KP Fértil®.  Suzi argues that while soluble fertilizers have a restricted supply of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, remineralizers supply a greater diversity of nutrients and strengthen complex enzymatic processes which guarantee more nutritious food with greater environmental ‘security.’

In this conversation with Sarah Lowther she talks about how she is a consumer of coffee that is grown in KP Fértil® improved soils which has no chemical-enhanced inputs.  Instead flavoursome, robust food grown in a product she considers the best “because they have a periodic table in their mineralogy.”

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