Wednesday, September 27th 2023

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Four major exploration projects now for Empire Metals 


“…In the next few months we will be on the ground, sampling away trying to find a drill ready target. And then the discoveries will come…”


It’s unusual for a resource explorer to compare itself to Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous fictional character – Sherlock Holmes.   It’s a classic providing reading and audiovisual pleasure, cranium agility where clue solving is concerned and it does so time and time again.

Empire Metals’ Managing Director Shaun Bunn borrows the analogy of the eccentric and brilliant British detective to help investors visualise the company’s business plan particularly after the evidence provided recently by an airborne magnetic survey at the Pitfield Copper-Gold Project acquired in April. 

“Searching for a major resource requires a lot of investigation. A lot like Sherlock Holmes,” says Bunn.  “Eliminate all the things that aren’t the most likely culprit. And what you’ve got left is probably the person who done it. So we’ve got to approach exploration in the same way. Eliminate things from our target selection, and focus on where we think the best geological and likelihood of making discoveries is going to be many.”

Bunn is referencing the company’s portfolio which is now predominantly Western Australia focused after legacy Georgian assets were disposed of.

Empire has used the word ‘significant’ in two of its investor updates in August and Bunn explains that the word is justified where not just Pitfield is concerned.  He talks about the rest of the portfolio as ‘world class exploration’ camps. But it’s Pitfield that has warranted the ‘significant significant’ in duplicate crown after the survey.

“The basement rock, quite potentially has things like magnetite in it which is highly magnetic, and other  rocks that are very promising for base metals. But it also means that quite possibly, there’s been a very large regional alteration event. So hot fluids have come in an altered the rocks to create these magnetic anomaly. All those things point to an event that might have bought in other metals like copper. And that’s what we’re after.”

It’s boots on the ground now and the potential of more experts being onboarded to get cracking to sample away trying to find a drill ready target. “And then the discoveries will come,” says Bunn and as Shaun explains to Sarah Lowther communications silence does not mean inertia.  In fact it points to the contrary.


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