Saturday, September 30th 2023

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Global opportunities for Versarien


“…For every real challenge, there is also a significant amount of opportunity. We’re working very closely with central government…”


When the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, it was assumed the word ‘conformity’ was redundant because our small island was free of EU legislation and its protocols that were dubbed red tape nightmares.

Brexit though has brought its own unique set of challenges to U.K. business with global aspirations.  It’s making work for the proverbial ‘pen pushers’ and delaying presentation of goods to a wider audience and customers.

This is an irritation being faced by Versarien, the advanced engineering materials company that is launching graphene-based initiatives that can provide solutions to the housing crisis, expedite infrastructure projects and contribute to the climate change agenda so many countries signed up to.

Chief executive Neill Ricketts talks about the administrative burden that is the CA / CE mark.   For those reading this and scratching their heads, according to “The United Kingdom Conformity Assessed or UKCA mark is being phased in from 1st January 2021 to replace the CE mark in Great Britain, although for most goods the CE mark will remain acceptable for a transition period ending on 31 December 2022.”

It would take too many paragraphs to fully explain what this means to business in the U.K.  For Versarien it is a hurdle to the swifter monetisation of the several Versarien launches, three in 2022 alone, that are ground-breaking, futuristic, clever and being discussed with central government.

“Unfortunately, it’s something that everybody has to go through,” says Ricketts. “It is frustrating. We’d like to be moving quicker. But we’ve got to make sure that our products are CE marked or CA marked, we’ve got to make sure that they have the right British standards.”

Versarien has got a number of products working their way through those systems. The board though is undaunted with Ricketts telling Sarah Lowther they are “very, very influential people.”


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