Sunday, October 1st 2023

Harvest Minerals Ltd

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Its simply orders, contracts, sales and revenue for Harvest Minerals


“…With Brazil’s population boom, superior fertilizer recognition, sales targets exceeded and cash balances increasing, Harvest Minerals is having a breakout year…”


Take a satellite view of the world, telescope in on Brazil, survey it as the fifth largest country in the world in both area and population, and consider the fact that its population is forecast to grow to 9.8 billion in just over twenty year’s time.

Then helicopter down to take a bird’s eye view of Harvest Mineral’s Arapua project with its centuries of mine life producing the organic, multi-nutrient, direct application fertiliser KP Fertil.

Drill down further and see the extra storage facilities shielding the product from the rainy season, watch the company on site videos, read the regulatory news statements and if you don’t understand the numbers then do demand clarification.  But then, as Chairman Brian McMaster suggests, err away from microscopic granularity, the ‘excruciating minutia’ concerning details and events the company has no control over such as the weather.

It’s that scrutiny, rightly or wrongly, which is overshadowing the company’s ‘breakout year‘ sales order target being exceeded narrative, with McMaster responding to shareholders wanting clarification about the company’s presentation of deposits from farmers, their orders, sales, revenue and which accounting periods were allocated which numbers.

Clarification was granted and McMaster quite rightly took the rap and also took the opportunity to remind investors about the scope of the business. “The desire and the need for fertilizers in Brazil is almost insatiable. And we provide a very, very, very, very small portion of their needs. And it doesn’t really matter if it rains from now until kingdom come at the end of the day. They’re going to have to produce food. And they’re going to have to produce food that requires fertilizers and they’re going to have to get the fertilizer from somewhere. And the country from the highest levels of government all the way down to the farmers has said we can’t continue to buy in fertilizers, we have to start sponsoring and developing our local fertilizer producers, and we’re one of them.”

Listen to Brian tell Sarah Lowther about the money in the company coffers, how cash balances are increasing, dividends are getting closer and the numerous ways to expand the business for “not a lot of money” and without a capital raise.

Watch Brian discuss the company’s final results at this Investor Meet presentation (below)

Brian tells Proactive’s Katie Pilbeam it’s going to be a bumper profit year (below)

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