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Panther Metals PLC

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An exciting new year ahead for Panther Metals


“…I wouldn’t have a single property in the portfolio that didn’t have the potential to have a commercially producing mine. There’s going to be plenty of news flow out of this company over the next few months…”


When Panther Metal’s chief executive Darren Hazelwood was uncustomarily quiet at the end of summer, it wasn’t because he was off on his ‘hollybobs,’ but because he was firefighting an unexpected adjustment request regarding one of the explorer’s permits.

The news wasn’t a material RNS announcement-worthy event, but inspired the cost conscious boss to get on a plane, talk to the First Nations and participate in a community Powwow.

His proactivity had paid off and the First Nations overturned their decision to stop Panther drilling over their hunting season from September to November.  It’s not unusual, it’s an ancient rite and Hazelwood’s direct engagement and understanding resulted in mutual respect.

Whilst it didn’t come quick enough to assist full completion of the drilling campaign at Obonga before the first snowfall,  it has set the foundations for communication between equals going forward.

Panther is not just on the First Nation’s radar, Hazelwood hints that industry others have been showing interest in the company’s Dotted Lake property.  As mentioned in a previous TMS podcast neighbour Palladium One is exploring for nickel, cobalt and copper and Panther is piggybacking data harvested from that company’s exploration model.

And as Darren explains to Sarah Lowther he wouldn’t have a single property in his portfolio that didn’t have the potential to have a commercially producing mine. He believes every single project has the potential to be a game changer and with indigenous people support he has one less hurdle to leap.

He’s solved the conundrum of the camp cook, and there’s not going to be a repeat of the summer radio silence with plenty of news coming from the company over the next few months.

Watch Darren talk to StockBox’s Mark Fairburn about the Obonga drilling programme.


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