Guest Interview Vol.16 – Doc Holiday

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Is the Doc handing in his Sheriff’s badge?


“…Look for Companies with strong management. Companies with plenty of cash. Take profits. Have a plan. Have a mindset. You either buy more shares, sell shares or hold. But you must have a plan as to what you are doing rather than just react with emotion…”


New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of Financial Markets? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey.

For a decade market commentator ‘Doc Holiday’ exposed the high net worth individuals doing harm to the market, the shorters and the low life scum that gave trading a bad name.

He was vocal.  He was an active trader and for the most part he and those that followed his mantra of research and common sensical approaches to investing did above average. Some did very well.

The Doc is now in semi-retirement – at least from the metaphorical gun slinging days.  His work partly done he thinks others can take up the mantle and touch the baddies on their collars.

In his first interview of 2023, he tells Total Market Solutions: “Gone are the days now for me where I want to start sitting there and pointing fingers at everybody. All of these sort of shady, dodgy transactions that I see happening and exposing all of the fraud. It’s gone. For me it’s a task that’s just not rewarding.”

He will though remain an active trader and he’ll continue to be vocal, just not in an exposé type of way.

There are companies that will reward shareholders. He recommends sticking with enterprises that have growing revenues, have plenty of cash and a strong management team as these are the deal makers that can take advantage of a market that had a very poor 2022.

In this conversation with Sarah Lowther he talks about Boohoo, Chesterfield Resources, hVIVO, Poolbeg Pharma, Contango Holdings, International Distribution Services (the former Royal Mail), Versarien and Greatland Gold a stock the Doc once considered ‘overhyped’ but now views as a potential opportunity for those investors in particular who are brave enough to take profits, recalibrate and reinvest their cash in an ‘orderly manner.’

Companies and subjects covered by Doc include :



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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the companies mentioned in this podcast