Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Versarien PLC

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 Searching for strategic investors, Versarien’s streamlined reach remains global


“…Everybody makes mistakes. It’s not about being tackled, it’s about how you react when you have been tackled. If you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn…”


Versarien’s latest final results didn’t encompass a neat 12 month calendar or financial year, but an 18-month period.   The reason was a change of auditors and shines a light on the shortage of financial accounts verifiers in the city.  Those embarking on careers in the financial services take note. There are opportunities there.

The graphene company’s latest results also demonstrate the opportunities within the business and in the immediate term they are UK-centric. In the medium term they have Middle East potential.

The latter territory is undergoing a notable economic and infrastructure expansion and embracing all things tech-enabled, climate friendly and progressive.  UK-listed Versarien is fitting the bill with its graphene-enabled cement initiatives, and graphene-wear credentials with established sporty, stylish and sophisticated garment companies that have international exposure.

Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts remains grounded and sensible, though his business acumen and tough decision making is attracting  negative and positive criticism in equal measure.  The company is streamlining to adapt to current macro economic headwinds while preparing for and attempting to set the engineering materials agenda of the future.

As Neill explains to Sarah Lowther long term shareholders get that.  Many others don’t.  The company still has exposure in South Korea and Europe, and at this moment in time there’s good economic reasons why Versarien isn’t in the U.S.

Watch Neill (below) talk about how Versarien has not just county purpose but country-specific relevance


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