Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Ashington Innovation PLC

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An abundance of opportunity for Ashington Innovation


“…Now is a really opportune moment to get out there and acquire a FinTech or Deep Tech company at a favourable valuation that has high potential for growth…”


While the UK equity markets may appear to be the unloved exchanges of Europe, there’s no other place Ashington Innovation plc would rather be.

The company has listed on the main board of the LSE and is a SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company dedicated to seeking an investment in the FinTech and Deep Tech (Deep Technology) sector.

Executive Director Chris Disspain is animated when he describes the U.K. as a dynamic hub for these fields. “For FinTech, the UK is probably the most attractive destination in Europe. I think there’s been about 12 and a half billion pounds worth of investment in FinTech in the last year, and there are 1600 or so FinTech firms in the UK and that’s expected to double by 2030.”

Disspain also highlights the favourable and supportive regulatory framework that exists within the UK for FinTech.

Not as well established, but advancing rapidly is Deep Tech which Disspain describes as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, uses for the blockchain, advanced materials science, photonics, biotech, and quantum computing.

He says these areas are interesting to investors who are putting their money into these sectors. “Now is a really opportune moment to get out there and to acquire a company at a favourable valuation that has high potential for growth.”

The investors that are interested in FinTech and Deep Tech include the highly experienced board with Director and IPO veteran Jason Smart himself owning over 48% of the company.

Ashington Innovation has what is known as a ‘tight shareholder list’ but obviously one that is engaging with retail investors as it identifies companies that have ”the potential to provide a platform to scale and generate substantial cash flow.”

And as Chris explains to Sarah Lowther in this video: “In FinTech and Deep Tech in this fast changing environment there’s an abundance of opportunity.”


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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company