Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Landore Resources Ltd

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Big changes and new bold, clear strategy for Landore Resources


“…The BAM gold project is the focus for Landore Resources’ new CEO and selling non core assets is key…”


The next six to eight weeks most probably will define the future of Landore Resources.

By then new chief executive Claude Lemasson will have formalised and finalised his strategic plan for the company that he just taken the reins of.

Becoming chief executive of the UK-listed company has come as a pleasant surprise for Lemasson.  After being the boss of several weighty mining companies he had retired, and was happy to remain so while he nurtured his young family and enjoyed reading the propositions that headhunters were offering him.

Only one though fired his imagination and presented a mirror image of his own résumé.  That was the Landore Resources proposition with its portfolio of assets that encompass EV-economy and gold bearing potential.

He came out of retirement and at speed.

It’s not market sensitive to reveal what he and the board are considering which includes potentially unloading or optioning, or selling some of the non core assets altogether, defining the targets for principal asset the BAM gold project, and firming up a TSX listing with the paperwork already submitted.

Watch Claude tell Sarah Lowther about his communication style, the current finances of the company, the promises of an updated shop window in the form of a refreshed website and the steps being considered to get BAM into production.



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