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  • Kavango Resources

    By Justin Reynolds  Kavango Resources : Unlocking Botswana’s exploration potential “…and it should be noted that the multi-billion Norilsk copper-nickel-PGM mines derive from a relatively narrow set of ores. With a share price currently hovering around 1.60p it’s worth following the… Read More ›

  • Dart Group

      Time for Dart to fly back to the top? “…For those who did not take the over subscribed placing in May at £5.765p, this looks a decent entry level around £6.30 for the march back to Januarys share-price of £20…” In… Read More ›

  • Open Orphan

    “Home testing kits can sell from anywhere between £70 to £100. Do the maths…”  Open Orphan : Cashed up and ready to go? Open Orphan has been one of Aim’s stand-out performers so far in 2020. Starting the year with… Read More ›

  • Bluejay Mining

    By Justin Reynolds   “…Success would pave the way for partnership with Rio Tinto, and, although there has been no announcement of a joint venture it is worth noting the presence of another mining giant on the island, Anglo American…”… Read More ›