Thursday, September 28th 2023

Sarah Lowther

Union Jack Oil PLC

Options galore for Union Jack Oil   “…We’re in a really, really excellent financial position and we’re a small board, and we can manoeuvre quite quickly. We’re quite dynamic in the way we operate…”   With less than a month to go before the political party conference season starts in earnest, the Conservative government has …

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Helium One Global Ltd

A new chapter for Helium One as the explorer targets multiple events   “…We’re not just targeting a single event. We know from Tai One that we had helium shows at multiple intervals. We’ve designed the well for a success case…”   It’s testimony to Lorna Blaisse that just six months after she became chief executive of …

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Empire Metals Ltd

Is Empire Metals the Mount Everest of titanium   “…What we have found has huge potential, not only in terms of the biggest thing on the planet. The scale is hard to imagine. It’s like taking Mount Everest and inverting it…”   The Tellness mine in Norway has it, Rio Tinto has it in Quebec, …

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Tackling the most important virus that no one has heard of   “…through a process of elimination it’s not too difficult to guess who the client is for hVIVO and how much the paid upfront contract is worth…”   In Mo Khan’s words human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a nasty virus and one that hopefully his …

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