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  • Kavango Resources

    Time really is of the essence for Kavango Resources¬† “…Blue sky potential for Kavango Resources as the next stage of exploration goes airborne…” Chapterise Kavango Resource’s most recent history and it reads thus. February 2020 there is two prospecting licences… Read More ›

  • ECR Minerals

    Looks like it will be as easy as ABC for ECR “…It’s getting crowded in Australia, but ECR has first come, first served status in Victoria. We will get the Licences and there is a lot of activity going on…”… Read More ›

  • Dekel Agri-Vision

    Dekel Agri-Vision’s community and multi-commodity approach is bearing low hanging fruit “…A step change in profits has been forecast due to the company’s diversified operations…”¬† Collaboration with thousands of palm oil farmers in the Cote d’Ivoire, and investment in communities… Read More ›

  • Panther Metals

    Everyone is surrounding The Panther and their golden opportunity¬† “…On the back of Panther Metals’ discoveries in Canada, local mining companies are returning…” Here, Chief Executive Officer Darren Hazelwood emphasises his company has the ‘first mover advantage’ at the Big… Read More ›