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  • Nu-Oil & Gas

    Doc Holiday caught up once again with Simon Bygrave Investor relations at Nu-Oil & Gas, Simon had recently traveled to Western Newfoundland to visit the companies garden hill site. In today’s interview, Bygrave discusses both the initial news of a… Read More ›

  • Eqtec

    Can Eqtec’s recent rally continue or will waste-to-energy firm flounder? Waste-to-energy firm Eqtec (LSE:EQT) has soared by nearly 120pc to 0.7p over the past week after announcing progress in its cancellation of a debt facility that has battered it since… Read More ›

  • “Bygrave Brings Home The Bacon”

    Simon Bygrave company IR/PR for Nu-Oil & Gas has recently visited the Canadian district of Newfoundland, his view was to deliver valuable information to the investment community regarding operations on the ground. In the wake of wild speculation that Bygrave… Read More ›

  • John McAfee Talks Crypto

    Doc recently caught up with the controversial Jedi John McAfee, who in recent years has courted the media in a fashion which can only be described as unique. Mr. McAfee has not only become a hugely influential name in the crypto movement,… Read More ›