Bluejay Mining

By Justin Reynolds   “…Success would pave the way for partnership with Rio Tinto, and, although there has been no announcement of a joint venture it is worth noting the presence of another mining giant on the island, Anglo American…”… Read More ›

Kavango Resources

  Kavango eyeing riches below the Kalahari Kavango Resources is picking up what the Canadians left behind – the potential for company-making base and precious metals discoveries in Botswana.  Timing is everything and while previous exploration companies were defeated by… Read More ›

Nick Leeson – Podcast

Who is Nick Leeson? Wikipedia Says: Nicholas William Leeson[2] (born 25 February 1967) is a former English derivatives trader notorious for bankrupting Barings Bank, the United Kingdom’s oldest merchant bank. He was a rogue trader who made fraudulent, unauthorized, and speculative moves, and his actions led directly to… Read More ›