Power Metal Resources

Justin Reynolds Forget the rule-of-six when you can invest in the seven wonders of the world… “…With its blend of adventure and financial prudence Power Metals looks like a decent bet for those seeking exposure to the global metals exploration… Read More ›

Kavango Resources

From Siberia to South Africa. Is Kavango’s Kalahari Suture Zone the new Norilsk? Norilsk has long shed its legacy as a Gulag outpost, and while it is still Russia’s coldest city, it is the country’s richest blessed with an abundance… Read More ›

Pineapple Power

By Justin Reynolds  Time for a slice of Pineapple? “…As one of very few prospective operators in this space Pineapple Power is worth investigation by those seeking exposure to the development of a technology that has the potential to perform… Read More ›

Bluerock Diamonds

“Diamonds Are Forever” an Investors best friend… For some time now, diamond producers have dug deep for a new way to punt their wares. ‘Diamonds are forever’ may be one of the most successful slogans in advertising history, and It’s no wonder AdvertisingAge… Read More ›