Wednesday, September 27th 2023

David Lenigas – Update

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David Lenigas Updates Us On UKOG’s News 

After the recent news from UK Oil & Gas, we had the great pleasure of Big Dave revisiting a chat recently held with Doc Holiday, today’s’ podcast comes much quicker than we could have anticipated. In light of news and a recent visit to the site by David, the two opened the information gateway for our audience.

The compelling interview covers a wide range of subjects, including developments of Horse Hill, Brockham, Angus Energy, Solo Oil & Gas, Doriemus to name a few, the interview certainly catches the enthusiasm of those project executives at the weald

  • Yesterday’s news results exceeded that of 2016 
  • At the separator, live readouts were oscillating 400-1000bbls/d
  • More encouraging was the steady pressure levels during testing
  • The people who called it the Dorking duster may feel embarrassed
  • I think SOLO will regret unwinding its position in UKOG in the future
  • As Britians head into Brexit, good home grown light sweet crude is a good thing for Britain 

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Chief Executive, commented:

“I am delighted to have witnessed first-hand the resumption of significant continuous and sustained oil flow from the Kimmeridge at Horse Hill. Whilst it has been a long wait since the successful 2016 flow tests, it has been made more momentous by the Kimmeridge’s significantly increased performance and productivity.

Whilst these are early days in the planned KL3 EWT sequence, with the well still “cleaning-up”, the continuous and sustained high oil rates can only be seen as highly encouraging for the overall EWT objective of establishing the commerciality of the Kimmeridge. The Directors consider that these positive KL3 test results now make it increasingly likely that both the Kimmeridge and Portland oil pools are set to make Horse Hill one of the UK’s leading onshore producing oil fields. Permanent production at Horse Hill is targeted in 2019. I look forward to the continuing news flow from the remainder of the KL3 test and the final KL4 EWT.”

Steve Sanderson CEO of UK Oil & Gas (AIM) with David Lenigas Chairman of Doriemus (ASX)


You can hear the full interview by clicking the link below

Weald BAsin

You can hear Big Dave Lenigas talking to Andrew Scott back in July 2018

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